Leaving Norwich in the early hours of the morning and trekking 200+ miles across the country for a location shoot is not something most people look forward to, but WOW, was it worthwhile or what! 

There’s only one place to start this review and that’s the pièce de résistance that can be found as you meander around to the back of the property! Firstly, there’s the view, five counties, two countries, grass meadows and mountains give you the most amazing first impression. 

But the views, even though how spectacular, are soon overshadowed by none other than the grass! If you can call it grass, it’s more like a green shagpile carpet that extends well over an acre around the Mediterranean style manicured garden! 

I can hear you from here saying, ‘Grass, how impressive can that be? I want to know about the house, the rooms, the owners, not the grass?’.  Well the grass tells you everything you need to know! It, like the rest of the property and the rooms, is a labour of love for the owners Steve and Jenny. Manicured and cared for to the nth degree reflects the care and pride that has been taken throughout. Each spacious room is decorated in a clean and contemporary design with high end fixtures and fittings and gave us a multitude of shoot options and locations. At the back of the property you’ll find a stunning contemporary garden room extension that has been cleverly designed and positioned to capture the views perfectly from its 270-degree glazed aspect. 

Finally, and what made our trip so worthwhile was the unbelievable hosts, Steve and Jenny. Nothing either ourselves, the crew or the cast wanted was too much hassle for them and they’d even converted one of the rooms into a green room for the cast and crew to relax in, complete with tea and coffee on tap. However, I think the best way for me to sum up Steve and Jenny’s hospitality is that we’d originally planned to leave at 6pm to make the return 200+ mile trek but once we got talking, and the beers came out (non-alcoholic of course) we finally dragged ourselves away at 11pm – just 1 hour after the crew and cast had left!

We cannot recommend this location house more highly and we’re already looking for opportunities to return and the closest hotel to stay in.  See you soon guys!

Graham Tracy

Head of Creative, Virgin Wines

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